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The Willow's Reach

Reaching out with reiki healing for people, pets and the planet

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A Reiki Session is one (1) hour in length and uses all the healing modalities such as Usui, Kundalini, Karuna Ki, Seichim, Imara, Gold or any other type of reiki that I'm attuned to as needed. Following a session, you will receive a report that will include a session scan, session work performed on chakras and the physical body, which modalities of reiki energy were used and where and any other information that is relayed during the session. 

All reiki sessions always include a chakra and aura clearing and balancing!

Distance and in-person reiki session are equally powerful, there is no difference in the amount of healing you will receive. The best part about a distance healing is there's no apprehension of meeting in person and you can relax in your own environment for the session.

After purchase, I will contact you to set up a time that is convenient for you. You only need to set aside an hour of time where we can focus together on your session. I recommend that you try to avoid/limit caffeine, alcohol and smoking - if you partake in any of these. Remove any jewelry. Drink lots of water and 15 minutes before the session starts, get into a meditative or relaxed state. Simply sit comfortably or lie down (which may be better, as some people tend to fall asleep).

Reiki is only limited by your imagination in what is possible. Reiki can be used on any living thing to help facilitate healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and it will always get to the core of the "dis-ease".

During the Reiki session, you may feel the energy in tingles, temperature changes, seeing images or colors, calmness and a deep relaxation or you may not feel anything at all. The key is to focus on our intentions and not expectations for a session.   

For more information on reiki, click here.

One Distance Reiki Session

These sessions are good for anyone new to reiki who would like to reach out and experience the energy, renew their own energy, help for any physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues.

This is for one session.

Price: $35


Two Distance Reiki Session

These sessions are good for anyone wanting to continue with reiki sessions to maintain balance and harmony within their lives and continue to grow with reiki.

This package includes 2 sessions

(1 session every other week for 4 weeks, to be used within a month).

Price: $60


Distance Reiki Weekly Sessions

These sessions are good for anyone wanting a session performed every week related to any physical, emotional and/or spiritual issues, wanting to revitalize their energy levels and start the path of planting their roots in reiki. 

This package includes 4 sessions

(1 session a week for 4 weeks, to be used within a month).

Price: $100


Distance Animal Reiki Session

A Reiki Session is (30) minutes in length and use only Usui Reiki healing energy. Following a session, you will receive a report that will include session scan, session work and any other information that is relayed during the session. 

Animals seem to be very open and receptive to reiki, helping to facilitate their healing. I've had wonderful results on my own dogs (pictured) with reiki.  

After purchase, I will contact you to set up a time that is convenient for you and your pet.

The only information I will need is the name of your pet and location. A photo is helpful but not required.

This is for one session.

Price: $15 


Reiki Infused Custom Medicine Bags

I would like to present for your consideration a very powerful and personal tool to be used as you walk forward on the path of self-discovery.

Here’s an item that I’ve had in the works for the last few months and really excited to offer them to you.

You will receive 1 custom mojo/medicine bag for all types of different healing with spell work areas.

Choices available but not limited to:


Attracting Love, Romance, and Passion

Healing to facilitate healing for specific disease or disorders


Connecting with a specific spirit animal

Weight Loss



Archangel Michael

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Raphael

Saint Dymphna


Cleansing, healing, and balance of the chakra and aura

There are plenty of other areas that I could do if you have something in mind that isn't listed, please contact me and I can let you know what I can do.

To complete this for you, all elements used are cleansed and programmed with your intentions and infused with Reiki to facilitate healing on all levels. With Reiki, you will also experience the opening of the auric field to enable positive manifestations into your life! 

These medicine bag pouches are made from soft deer hide or suede in the USA. The shades and textures may vary from the pictures. They offer a drawstring closure and measure 4.75" L x 3" W. The lace is 20" to 24" L.

Inside each Mojo/Medicine bag, you will find herbs, items and gemstone chips that will work for your highest good and intentions. Most of the gemstone chips have holes so that you could add them to or make your own jewelry with them. Crystals and their wonderful properties are working for your benefit regardless of their size.

I've also included a chi ball of Reiki energy (to activate the energy within) that you will be able to call in once you receive your mojo/medicine bag which will help you connect to the bag ~ All the work is already done for you!! You just need to say the Magick words that I provide for you to activate this for you!!

The winner of the auction will receive a detailed write up of how each individual item will aid them in their areas of healing or whichever area they choose to work with.

This can be used as just a mojo or medicine bag. Keep all the items together as a mojo bag or feel free to add some personal items to turn this into your own personal medicine bag.

Price: $35

See more pictures at the store.