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Powerfully Charged Crystal Reiki Box


I would like to present for your consideration an essential spiritual tool to assist in your healing and psychic advancement.

A powerfully charged and gorgeous set of 9 chakra stones that has been lovingly worked with Reiki energy with the following qualities:


Removing negative energies



Balancing of the Chakras

Archangel Blessings

You will receive 9 minerals/crystals that correlate to the chakras as well as information on each one and the chakras, how to cleanse and program your crystals.

Each stone is of very good quality and approximately 1” – 1 ½” each (refer to pictured) and includes:

7 Tumbled Stones Averaging in size of 1” – 1.5” each and 2 raw crystals

· Red Jasper for the Root Chakra

· Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra

· Citrine for the Solar Plexus Chakra

· Moss Agate for the Heart Chakra

· Dumortierite for the Throat Chakra

· Amethyst for the 3rd Eye Chakra

· Clear Quartz for the Crown Chakra

· Black Tourmaline (Averaging in size between ½” – 1 ½” each refer to pictures)

· Selenite Sticks (Averaging between 3 – 5” each, refer to pictures)

· 100% Handcrafted Beeswax Votive - I chose a Beeswax candle over all other candles since they burn cleaner than other candles, produce virtually no soot, have a natural aroma and honey scent, can be burned by those with allergies, used by those who are sensitive to strong chemical scents, support local beekeepers, actually clean the air as they burn, emitting negative ions which remove dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander and even germs from the air, helping to alleviate many asthma and allergy symptoms. My all-time favorite candle!!

· Glass votive holder for your beeswax candle.

· 3x5 Muslin Drawstring bag to keep them in when not in use

· 2 Palo Santo Sticks

· 1 oz Tin of Lavender Buds

· Chi Ball of Reiki energy set up for you to start you on your journey with your crystal set - All the work is already done for you!! You just need to say the Magick words that I provide for you to activate this for you!!

Black Tourmaline and Selenite are amazing. Although it is difficult to choose my favorite crystals since I have way too many after years of working with crystals, the combination of black tourmaline and selenite rank up there pretty high. They help to create an all-around complete and balanced chakra set.

You can work with this chakra set in many ways; such as meditating with them, placing them on your chakra points, placing them under your pillow at night to allow their energy to align your chakra system.

Here’s the other great thing that works to your benefit. When you learn to program your own crystals, you can work with the set or just one of these crystals. You could also take just one stone out and work with it or just carry it around for a day or two. As an example - Amethyst is good for creating a peaceful feeling and helping to ease anxiety…it’s one of my go-to stones for helping to find comfort in chaos. There are many other benefits of just working with amethyst alone such as helping with sobriety and addictive personality, hearing disorders, nervous system disorders and many more.

Once you receive your chakra set, I highly recommend cleansing them yourself, sit quietly and call in the chi ball of Reiki energy I created just for you and your way to cleansing and balancing your chakras!!

Please feel free to ask any additional questions about this service if you have them.

Let me know here if you would like a handcrafted sticker on the candle votive, I can do most small images in black and white like tree of life or triquetra.

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