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2" Square Jar of Spelled Herbal Mix



Choice of 2” Square Glass Jar that is filled with Spelled Herbs, Flowers, and Crystals that have been spelled for the desired outcomes in addition to Reiki energy.

These Beautiful and Reusable 2” Square Jars with Glass Lids hold approximately a little over 1/2 cup (1oz) of Spelled Herbs, Flowers, and Crystals.

Each of these Spelled Mixes holds magickal properties that can be used as an offering on your altar, used individually in any magickal working, used to make your own oils, soaps, dress candles, the possibilities are endless.

With each of these jars, I have included a larger crystal and charm that will help to bring in each of the Spelled Mix’s qualities.

These are the Spelled Mixes that are available to you and their corresponding crystal:

Healing with Raw Lepidolite and Lotus Charm

Manifesting with Clear Quartz and OM symbol

Love with Raw Rose Quartz and Heart Key

Fast Money with Citrine and I-Ching coin

I will include a muslin drawstring bag to keep your crystals in when not in use. I only use muslin for my crystals since it is thought that cotton has its own healing energy which nurtures and charges whatever you put into them.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions about this service if you have them.

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