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Spelled Rice Blends


I would like to present for your consideration an essential spiritual tool to assist you in a variety of areas.

These Spelled Rice Blends can be used in so many different ways as an example, you can use them on your spiritual altar, use them with candles in your own rituals, use the muslin cloth that is included to add a little of the blend to keep with you at all times, keep the cloth under your pillow, toss some rice around your front door, if you own a place of business you can keep some there. The possibilities and uses are endless.

I have been making these rice blends for a few customers and myself for some time and decided to see if you would be interested in these as well. I have several varieties available for the auction however I am always up to create something custom, just get in touch.

The Spelled Rice Blends available for you to choose from are:






Fast Luck

Psychic Vision

Road Opener

Stop the Sh*t


Turn the Tables (Reversing)

Red Hot Fast Luck

Evil Eye


If you live outside the USA, please contact for a shipping quote before placing an order. (Will combine shipping).

Please feel free to ask any additional questions about this service if you have them.

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