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Reiki Infused Gemstone in Resin Pet Charm Tags/Key Chain/Pendant


Our pets love Reiki energy and so easily accept the energy!

These beautiful new pet tags are perfect as they are each Charmed with powerful healing Reiki energy in addition to the benefits from the gemstones. This helps to create a more harmonious aura and chakra channel for your pet or yourself!

I’ve re-designed all my pet tags to include natural gemstone chips and resin since it will hold up better over time. I have many different gemstones and 3 different bezel colors presently. My favorite is to do a consultation and custom piece for your pets so please feel free to contact me.

These can also be used as a Key Ring or Pendant for yourself to benefit from the Reiki and gemstone energy as well!!

Each one regardless of how you use it comes with a Tempered Spring Steel Ring to be used with the Pet Tag or Keyring.

If you would like this as a Pendant, I have either 18” or 20” Stainless Steel chains in Silver and chains that will match the Antique Copper or Bronze.

These NEW Reiki Infused Pet Charm Tags/Key Rings have been lovingly worked with Reiki energy with the following qualities:


Removing negative energies



Archangel Blessings


The 1" Round Pet Tags are available in 3 different colors:

Shiny Silver

Antique Bronze

Antique Copper

This is only a brief description of the benefits of the crystals available either as already made or custom:

Black Tourmaline - assists the Brachial Chakra (located between the shoulders) with human/animal bond, relaxing anxious animals, protective field shielding your pet from harmful influences

Rose Quartz – assists with the opening of the heart, supports the circulatory system, brings in love and companionship to support the bond.

Citrine – assists with large crowds, low immune system, training problems, sudden changes sensory overload.

Amethyst – all around wonderful healing stone, assists with the cleansing of the heart, lungs, and blood, digestive system, alleviates anxiety

Garnet – brings in comfort when you are away, grounding, regulate the heartbeat and blood flow, reduces toxins in the body, assists in the absorption of vitamins and minerals

Carnelian – assists with building confidence and courage, blood diseases, skin issues, increases appetite, helps with depression, excessive barking

Fluorite – training issues, clumsy, arthritis, and rheumatism, allergies, improves the assimilation of nutrients, poor bone and teeth conditions, and low energy.

Sodalite - Calming, nervousness, good for settling down during travel

Clear Quartz - A master healer that is effective in all conditions, strengthening the aura and protecting against negative energies, strengthen the immune system

Aventurine – assists with the purification of the body as well as organs, new environments, soothes fears, promotes confidence

Tiger’s Eye – protects and energizes the body, digestive system, assists with staying focused, grounding, courage

Turquoise - Wonderful Healing stone that will help with confidence especially timid, shy or nervous pets. Works to ground and help give peace of mind, helps aid in relieving gout, viral infections, stomach issues, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Leopard Jasper - Helps with connecting/communicating with our pets and works as a powerful protection stone. Jasper is known as a "supreme nurturer" and will help in times of stress for your pet. It's also excellent for bringing in healing energies for most health issues.

Multi Tourmaline - I had to get this Multi-colored tourmaline since it is one of the rare semi-precious gemstones that brings a genuine vibration of happiness and lightness of being. Yellow for self-esteem, pink for love, blue for serenity, green for health so in this grouping you get all the benefits of the colors.

Amber - Amber technically isn’t a crystal but fossilized tree resin which connects it to the earth energies and life force. Due to this, it’s an excellent stone to help the body heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

Lapis Lazuli - powerful cleanser of both emotional and physical toxins while allowing vitamins and minerals to be absorbed. Helps to strengthen the chakras, aura and energy meridians which then creates a nice flow of energy. Due to this, it helps with releasing emotional and physical negativity.

Peridot - Powerful cleanser of toxins, assists the adrenal glands and may be useful in the treatment of Cushing's disease. May aid in jealousy issues among other animals or humans in the household.


Malachite - Powerful to aid in eliminating radiation from chemo, aids in heart issues and liver detoxification. 

Red Jasper - balances the yin and yang energy, provides protection and well-being. Helps assist the treatment of organ imbalances by working to improve their function and heal. Helps heal blood issues and works to assist those with diabetes. There are so many other disorders and diseases this one works to help assist.

In addition to the gemstone, you'll have the opportunity to choose your desired style of charm. Your choices are as follows:


Saint Francis

Fish Bone

Fish (very small)

Cat bowl

Cat Silhouette

Dog Bowl

Dog Bone

Dog Paw


Saint Michael

Saint Raphael

Saint Uriel

Saint Gabriel

Saint Dymphna








Key w/Heart


Healing crystals and their information are merely an aid in a natural and holistic approach to healing. It is not intended to replace the advice of any doctor, veterinarian or medical practitioner. In cases of illness or injury, please seek medical attention.

If you live outside the USA, please contact for a shipping quote before placing an order. (Will combine shipping).

Any questions about this product, please free to contact me.

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